You can now economically post the results of your duplicate bridge game at

We offer additional features including your own  web page;
a page for news postings, pictures or multiple games.

If you think of anything else let us know, we'll take a swing at it.

                        MONTHLY FEES:  Single weekly game                                  $12.50/mo.
                          (billed quarterly)

                                                           Each additional game                               $3.00/mo.
                                                           Newsletter/Page                                        $4.50/mo.
                                                           Photo Gallery                                             $6.00/mo.
                                                             (up to six photos with captions and thumbnails

                        Package (up to 5 games/week)                                                  $28.00/mo.
                          Newsletter and Photo Gallery                                       

Content is the responsibility of your club.  I will post any results, photos or newsletter (in good taste of course) within 24 hours of receipt.  I can always assist in developing a form for your Newsletter and Webpage.

I will provide written instructions for extracting the 'LongRecord' from ACBLScore and provide free telephone assistance for your first few games.

With any Post which includes a Newsletter or Photo Gallery you will have your own page within this site which can be bookmarked and regularly checked by your patrons.  It can include an e-mail link to your own e-mail account, directions and contact information.  Your players can even make it their home page.  Check out the Scottsdale House  or Granite Reef pages for examples.

E-mail us at